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Are you looking for an iOS or Android app that helps your sales people to quickly close successful sales?
Try uPP! Orders, a multiplatform app, running on both iPad and Android tablets, that supports sales reps in collecting sales orders. It simplifies your sales people life and makes them more productive and effective in mobility. Making your PDF catalogs interactive and connecting it to your ERP, uPP! Orders provides sales reps with the perfect tool for order collection.


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    What you can do

    With uPP! Orders for iPad and tablets, developed in native iOS and Android, sales reps have all interactive PDF products catalogs in a single place and can gather orders directly from them. With a unique app on their tablets, sales reps have all relevant information at their fingertips and can easily manage the whole sales process: uPP! Orders allows to access customer records and create new customers, view the order history by customer, manage pricing and discounts, check stock availability, browse product PDF catalogs, manage the order cart, create combinations of sales orders, send orders back to the ERP.

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    Sales rep dashboard

    Sales people have access to a dedicated section of the application, a dashboard with a full set of information about customers and orders. The iPad or Android tablet becomes the tool for customer management: the app is developed and customized for your company and, with the information got from the ERP, your sales reps have all the information needed to manage the customer, professionally.

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    Content management

    The iPad app is, at any time, in connection with a CMS (Content Management System) by Weblink, available in the cloud. The app exchanges information with the CMS: as an administrator, you can access the CMS via the Internet, upload PDF catalogs, make them interactive in a moment and make agents extremely effective in order collection.

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    Thanks to the native iOS-based or Android-based apps, customized and tailored for your company, the set-up of all contents, including interactive PDF catalogs, price lists, customer records and the link between all these elements, is simple and happens in a few minutes. Your backoffice workload is reduced to a minimum and allow you to be up and running immediately.

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    Always operational

    uPP! Orders works both on line and off line, so the connectivity is not strictly needed when collecting sales orders. If your 3G/4G or WiFi is not available, the synchronization with the ERP system and the order shipment can be done later, but the order collection is always available.

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    Integration with ERP

    uPP! Orders can operate stand-alone or connected to an ERP. If you choose the first method, the basic way, you can directly enter data through the CMS. If you have your own ERP, you can integrate it with our system and choose the exchange data format that best fits your enterprise standards.

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